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PFA Women's Community Champion

We are proud to announce that Bradford City AFC Women first-team player, Monika Stube, has also won our PFA Community Champion 2021/2022. Monika’s support across the Bradford City Girls Academy has been outstanding and an example to all of our players across the club.

Monika started coaching with the U14’s at the Girls Academy in October 2021, where she supported the coaches with sessions and games during the week and over the weekend. Her positive engagement with the players was clearly evident from the first session, allowing Monika to build relationships with players across the age group.

In addition to the U14’s, Monika has since stepped in as a lead coach on our Bradford City Girls Development Centre programme. Speaking about her involvement with the Girls Academy, Monika said, “It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you are able to support a young player’s journey. Until I stepped into the role, I wasn’t aware of the impact being a first-team player at the club could and does have.”

Monika continued to say, “Being able to work with such talented young players and fantastic people is something I know I am very fortunate to do, and I take great pride in doing so. I feel the benefits of coaching when I’m on the pitch playing myself as well and is something I would definitely encourage more players to get on board with’.

Monika has also supported other age groups across the clubs in different roles across the season. We would like to thank Monika for all her hard work so far this season and hope we can continue to support Monika and other players in the future.



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