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Super Movers for Every Body: BBC Children’s and Education, Premier League and ParalympicsGB join forces to provide schools with inclusive PE equipment and resources

BBC Children's and Education, the Premier League and ParalympicsGB have come together to launch Super  Movers for Every Body, using the inspiration of top-flight football and talented athletes to engage disabled  children and those with special educational needs in sport and physical activity.

Currently 1.5 million children in England have special educational needs or are disabled, but only one in four disabled children take part in physical activity at school. Super Movers for Every Body is designed to tackle  this issue and get everybody moving.  

Teachers and parents can access a whole host of exciting free online curriculum-linked resources on BBC  Teach. This includes Super Movers for Every Body follow-along films featuring CBBC stars, ParalympicsGB athletes and Premier League mascots, as well as other downloadable activities to get children moving. 

Primary school teachers across the UK are also able to register for a free Super Movers For Every Body  equipment pack, funded by the Premier League, to help them deliver inclusive sports activity for all students  aged five to 11. These packs contain a range of equipment and resource cards designed to facilitate various  fun activities, including Blind Football, Para-athletics and Boccia. 

Speaking about Super Movers for Every Body, ambassador and multiple Paralympic gold medallist, Hannah  Cockroft said: “I am so proud to be part of the exciting Super Movers for Every Body campaign. It’s all about  ensuring no child misses out on PE and sport in schools, whether they are disabled or non-disabled, it  encourages everyone that they can move, they can be active and they can be included. 

“Giving teachers and children the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to ensure nobody is left out is  so important to me. We need to recognise that every child can do sport, it is just about finding the right  activity and making any adaptations to find the way that is right for them. 

“I have so many skills from taking part in sport that have been so valuable in all aspect of my life and I want  every child to have the opportunity to develop those skills.”  

The equipment packs and online resources will empower teachers, parents and caregivers to introduce new  sports to children during the school term and the summer holidays, providing them with new opportunities as the build-up to the Paralympics in Paris this August gets under way. 

Helen Foulkes, Head of BBC Education, said: “We’re thrilled to launch the next phase of Super Movers, now  joined by ParalympicsGB alongside the Premier League in our partnership. With the upcoming summer  poised to inspire countless children to embrace sport, it's so important that teachers have the resources and  equipment necessary to facilitate this journey for all pupils. Super Movers for Every Body is a programme 

designed to be inclusive and accessible to all, embodying the belief that sports and physical activity are for  Every Body." 

Clare Sumner, Chief Policy and Corporate Affairs Officer at the Premier League, said: “Super Movers for  Every Body complements our successful Premier League Primary Stars programme, which uses football to  inspire primary school children to be active and develop essential life skills.  

“By providing over 3,000 inclusive equipment packs and working with great partners, we aim to break down  potential barriers to participation and inspire children to try fun new sports that help them build connections,  embrace each other’s differences and develop a life-long love of being active.” 

David Clarke, CEO of ParalympicsGB and England’s all-time leading goal scorer in blind football, said: “This  powerful campaign, featuring a host of ParalympicsGB stars and delivered in partnership with BBC Children’s  and Education and the Premier League, will help ensure no primary school age pupil will be left on the  sidelines during PE lessons. 

“Super Movers for Every Body will empower teachers and parents with the skills they need, and provide  thousands of schools with the equipment, to deliver inclusive sporting sessions which challenge perceptions  of what disabled people can do. 

“Equally importantly, it will also promote the power of allyship and give children a greater understanding of  the benefits of creating a truly inclusive environment at an age where they will have those skills for life. 

“Disabled people of all ages tell us that representation plays a crucial part in breaking down barriers to  participation and this is why I am so proud that these valuable resources feature a host of disabled athletes  demonstrating the unique power of sport to connect us.” 

To apply for an inclusive PE equipment pack and explore all the free resources on offer, head to the Super  Movers for Every Body website. Schools have until 7 June 2024 to register and if successful will receive their  pack from September 2024, the start of the next school year. 

More information can be found at: 

There will be 3,300 Super Movers For Every Body equipment packs available to schools that register and are  successful. The inclusive packs will include the following: 

  • 2 x audio balls 

  • 10 x blindfolds  

  • 4 x foam javelins 

  • 1 x foam vortex howlers 

  • 8 x lightweight balls 

  • 2 x Boccia activity cards 

About the Premier League 

The Premier League produces some of the most competitive and compelling football in the world. The League  and its clubs use the power and popularity of the competition to inspire fans, communities and partners in  the UK and across the world. The Premier League brings people together from all backgrounds. It is a competition for everyone, everywhere and is available to watch in 900 million homes in 189 countries.

For more information on Premier League Primary Stars, head to 

About ParalympicsGB 

ParalympicsGB is the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Paralympic team competing at the summer and  winter Paralympic Games. We know that the outstanding performances of our athletes have a powerful  impact on the British public and can shift perceptions of disability in society, helping to inspire a better world  for disabled people. 

We have a proud history as the United Kingdom is the birthplace of Paralympic sport which began with the  Stoke Mandeville Games in 1948 and has grown to become one of the biggest sporting events in the world. 

London 2012 is still widely acclaimed as the greatest Paralympics Games ever where, ParalympicsGB athletes  won an unforgettable 120 medals to finish third in the medal table. ParalympicsGB eclipsed that performance  at Rio 2016 winning 147 medals to finish second in the medal table and at Tokyo 2020 won medals in a record  breaking 18 different sports – the most of any nation ever. 

ParalympicsGB is the UK’s largest disability sports charity and relies on the support of its commercial partners  to deliver a world class environment where athletes can achieve their personal best performances and break  down barriers for all disabled people. 


Further details are available at 



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