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TL Dallas & Co Ltd pledges support to Community Foundation via donation

Bradleigh Pioli, the Foundation's Head of Events and Commercial (left) and Mike Martin, Group Director at TL Dallas & Co Ltd (right).

Long-established independent insurance broker TL Dallas & Co Ltd has donated a sum of money which will be used to expand and enhance Bradford City FC Community Foundation’s projects.

The donation, which marks the beginning of what promises to be a fruitful and collaborative relationship between the two organisations, will be funnelled into the Foundation’s social outreach programmes.

Mike Martin, Group Director at TL Dallas & Co Ltd, said: "TL Dallas has long had a positive and fruitful association with Bradford City AFC. We are delighted to now be supporting the Community Foundation too. We are enthusiastic about their work, and we want to help them expand their services. We are committed to regularly donating to and supporting their programmes.''

The Community Foundation has already launched multiple projects in 2024, with the opening the their food truck, in collaboration with Penny Appeal, BCAFC’s Men and Women’s teams, and Tiffin Stadium Catering, alongside its dementia-friendly Friendship Cafe being just two examples of its planned expansion this calendar year.

Mr Martin continued: “The values of the outreach programs the Foundation displays align with many of our own values. Their recent drive to help homeless and vulnerable people is of great interest to us, as is the work they do in supporting people’s mental health, exemplified by their recent launch of a Friendship Cafe. TL Dallas is proud to support MIND in Bradford, and it's great to be more involved in supporting mental health and wellbeing provisions in our community."

The Community Foundation is consistently seeking sponsorship and donation pledges, and invites all local businesses to consider supporting its projects and provisions.

Bradleigh Pioli, the Foundation's Head of Events and Commercial, said: "The BCFC Community Foundation is on an incredible journey of growth and outreach, with new initiatives reflecting our unwavering commitment to community welfare. Having TL Dallas' support is another feather in our cap, and hopefully a sign of future collaborations to come. Since joining at the end of last year, I've witnessed the inception of numerous impactful initiatives. As we step into the new year, I am eager to continue evolving these projects and making an even greater difference."

"The Foundation plays a pivotal role in our community, and your support is vital. We encourage businesses and organisations to join us on this journey, contributing to initiatives that leave a lasting impact. The more partners we have, the stronger our collective impact on the community."

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