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Bradford City FC Community Foundation to help tackle increasing numbers of railway risk takers.

The EFL Trust has recently launched a new partnership with Network Rail and the British Transport Police to help tackle the increasing number of people risking their lives on the railway. Bradford City Community Foundation will join other clubs across the EFL network, to help educate and raise awareness of the dangers of the railway to young people. 

New figures show that over 250 incidents a week have been recorded by people taking risks on the railway - taking short-cuts, capturing photos, and even 'train surfing'. These sometimes have tragic consequences. Young people (under 18), make up one of the largest categories, responsible for a third of all major incident cases across the rail network.

All 72 EFL Clubs will be involved in the campaign with activities ranging from social media posts to player messages. Clubs who are within the trespass incident hotspot will also run workshops within their local communities.

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