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Get empowered to make a difference in your community

Delivered over a flexible 20-hour period, you will gain real-life experience in project management and delivering social action projects across the region, all while enacting positive change within your community. 

The first session brings you together with your peers to learn new skills and decide between yourselves what your priorities and goals are. You will then form smaller groups focused around one particular issue, one which you are all passionate about. 

You will finish these sessions equipped with a newfound knowledge of citizenship and confidence in your abilities. You will also be offered the chance to meet a local elected representative (a Councillor, MP, local Mayor or some such person) and get to grips with the democratic processes which affect all of us.

INSPIRE will leave you with insight into experiences which support your, and your peers', future. You will gain access to further volunteering opportunities and links to local community and youth groups. Finally, off you go, into the sunset, teeming with skills and connections and ready to continue making a mark on the world around you. 

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